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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 12, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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new this morning, two suspects in a drive-by shooting that claimed the life of a 3-year-old boy in oakland appear in court today. i'll tell you what they're doing coming up in a live report. >> plus, armed and dangerous. police looking for a man who led them on a high speed chase and got away. and the major road work that could affect how you get around today. we have a live look outside this morning. it's monday, september 12th. this is today in the bay.
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>> well, good morning, everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. it is 4:30. if monday had a frenemy it would be friday. good morning. >> did you say that? >> i did. >> one word i never thought i would hear coming out of your brilliant mouth. mother nature is making a few frenemies with the thunderstorms she's bringing to town. take a look at how mild it is to start you out. 63 in hayward. 64 in sunnyvale. we have the threat of thunderstorms. we'll tell you where the best chance is and we have a change on the way this week. right now mike has been busy this morning. it's only 4:30. >> a lot of folks have been busy. i'm not going to complain. we'll take you to south bay. we have typical spots for construction. 101 has reopened after overnight closures over this weekend.
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101 past tully, there's still construction but the roadway reopene reopened. >> this morning police are looking for a parolee that is armed and dangerous. dustin edward cooper led police on a wild high speed chase yesterday afternoon. they chased him through concord when he pulled over near willow pass road and ran away on foot. a few minutes later a car jacking on nearby pine street. police think cooper was the car jacker. the car was involved in several hit and run accidents before it was abandoned. he's still on the loose this morning. the men accused of a shooting death of a toddler in oakland will go to trial this mornin morning. >> good morning, scott. this is an emotional case in
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oakland. a totally innocent victim. a 3-year-old boy caught in a driveby shooting. this afternoon two of the suspects are expected back in court today to enter a plea. 26-year-old lawrence denard is accused of firing the shot that killed little carlos. what police say what a botched gang related shooting. willie torrence is accused of driving the car that denard fired from. the intended victims were two rival gang members who were wounded. little carlos was hit in the neck and killed in broad daylight. this comes at a time when the summer has been particularly violent in east oakland. the tribune reporting that homicide are up 20%. a growing number are happening in dlt hours. some neighbors are fed up with the drug dealing and related crimes. they're saying they're reporting more trouble to police.
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also i want to mention there was another shooting in oakland overnight. not fatal. denard's family maintains that he is innocent. both men due in court this afternoon at 2:00. that's what we have from here. >> 4:33. new information at a hostage taking in an office depot over the weekend. police arrested a store employee for allegedly helping the suspect enter the store. a 45-year-old man from oakland held four people hostage at the supply store on holland street at 5:30 on friday night. part of a botched attempt to rob the store. police were in a standoff with him for six hours. they took the hostage taker into custody. all the employees escaped the store unharmed. washington and the nation breathing a sigh of relief this morning. the tenth anniversary of 9/11 passed without innocent, but as today in the bay tracey potts
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report still on the trail of three men said to be planning something. >> we're not relaxing at all. this is a 24/7 around the clock effor effort. >> even amid the credible threats, the focus is not that we were attacked but that we endured. >> it will be said that we kept the faith. that we took a painful blow, and we emerged stronger than before. america does not give in to fear. >> president obama ended the day in washington laying a wreath at the pentagon after visiting newly dedicated memorials in shanksville, pennsylvania and at ground zero. >> be still and know that i am god. >> the president and mrs. obama joined president bush, touching the names of thousands who died when the twin towers fell. a memory shared in washington where the focus was the victims and the heros of that day.
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>> they could bring down the walls, but they could not bring down america. >> they tried to weaken us, and instead they made us stronger. >> the true legacy of 9/11 is that our spirit is mightier. the bonds that unite us are thicker. and the resolve is firmer. than the million of tons of limestone and concrete that make up that great behind me. >> tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> there are still more ceremonies to come on this september 12th. this morning most who lost loved ones on flight 93 will gather in a field to lay to rest the last of the unidentified remains for the crash. >> mark bingham. >> andrew sonny garcia. >> carol's brother jason dahl
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was a pilot on board flight 93. he was at the controls when hijackers stormed the cockpit and the plane crashed into the field. she thought she was prepared for the emotions that would come over the weekend. being consoled by three presidents in the matter of two days has her stunned. >> just the support was amazing. to know that they are that interested. >> president obama flew into shanksville after attending the ceremony at ground zero. he gave a few words to ease the pain. signs of memorabilia that the dahls will take back to an elementary school in san jose in jason dahl's honor. no charges for several passengers that reportedly caused a scene on a flight headed to detroit. crews on board the frontier airlines jet from denver noticed two passengers spending a long time in the bathroom. fighter jets were scrambled to shadow the plane as it landed in
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detroit's metropolitan airport. two men and a woman were detained but later released. some advice for south bay commuters. stay away from the express way near 85. crews will be widening the road. it is one of the most gridlocked roads in san jose. they're going to add numerous turn lanes and retime traffic lights in the area. the split will be raised this year to a very fast 50 miles an hour. let's check in with christina. >> it's a good thing because i can't drive 55. we're looking pretty good this morning. we have thunderstorms and really tropical moisture. it really feels tropical when you walk out your front door this morning. you can feel the air. here's what's happening. the area of low pressure sits over nevada. then we have the area of high pressure. this is the four corners high that pulls in the monsoonal
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moisture from just off the coast of baja. we're also picking up shower activity in places like livermore. it's not out of the question to use your windshield wipers for rain showers this morning. our temperatures are very, very mild. it looks like san francisco, you're going to be socked in with fog all day long. this is at noon. mostly cloudy conditions over the entire bay area. we continue to 5:00 p.m., staying with all that cloud cover. if you're headed to the giants game tonight, it's not going to this be that warm. bring your jacket with you. we'll see a breeze come into play. 60 at livermore now. as you break for lunch, 73. rounding at the day at 81. as we head throughout the afternoon and pick up the daytime heat. our chance for thunderstorms increases. watch for that in the mountainous regions. everywhere, about a 20% chance of t-storms throughout the
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afternoon. let check your drive with mike. >> we'll take you back to the south bay. i was going to tell folks about the accident. the only update is it's gone. chp just cleared it. no injuries if for scene. we are following another accident. i called this one in because john kelley told me i think i saw an accident in my rearview mirror on the way in. this is northbound 101. chp has not found anything going on at the scene. we'll let you know if anything happens there. a's are playing so prepare for slow down after work. they haven't gotten to work. we have, they vice president. >> coming up, don't gobble the ground turkey for breakfast. there's yet another recall. we'll tell you the details you need to check your fridge. and the heads of two major bay area tech companies ordered to appear in court. lightning striking dozens of
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trees starting wildfires in california. we'll have theefforts cnt efforts next. check out facebook, nbc bay area morning news for all your news and traffic and whatnot.
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welcome back. it's 4:43. for the second time in a month a minnesota company is recalling more ground turkey after tests show salmonella contamination.
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cargo recalling an additional 185,000 pounds of ground turkey on top of the 86 million pounds it recalled a month ago. the salmonella contamination has sickened more than 100 people in 31 stays. one person died. the usda says a sample of ground turkey from the company's arkansas plant three weeks ago test again positive for salmonella, that's a week after production resumed following the first incident. a federal judge is ordering the head of oracle and google to court. they will have to show up at a settlement conference. oracle is suing google over the android software equipment. they say it infringes on what they bought from microsoft last year. if things are not worked out the case will go to trial on october 31st. for the rest of your news before
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the bell, let's turn to courtney reagan live at cnbc headquarters. good morning. >> hi, good morning to you, scott. we could see more red arrows on wall street. closing below 11,000. futures sharply lower right now ahead of the opening bells. worries about europe's spreading debt crisis and the help of banks still at the forefront of investo investors' minds. europe is melting down today. asia fell overnight. it's going to a busy week for economic data in the u.s. retail sales, unemployment and consumer sentiment. amazon is reportedly in talks with publishers about launching a digital media library similar to netflix for tablets and other devices. customers pay an annual fee to access content. reports say some publishers aren't keen on the idea because it would lower the price of
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books and strain relations with other retailers. santa in september. you might have seen him. retailers are starting the holiday season earlier this year. in an economy where consumers will do anything to save a buck. usa today says christmas items are on the shelves of costco since december 1st. and pick up your christmas lights at lowe's on october 1st. the national retail federation says 37% of consumers plan to do some holiday shopping by halloween. better planners than i. >> it makes me less likely to buy. >> thank you very much, courtney. firefighters in central california dealing with dozens of wildfires this morning sparked by a lightning storm. 40 wildfires burning in remote parts of kearne county. people in the area have been told to be ready to leave at a moment's notice.
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firefighters are not sure how long it will take to bring the fire under control. fire crews have controlled a series of wildfires sparked a lightning here. 50 lightning strikes late friday night. it sparked at least four grass fires, as we see still photographs from mount diablo. all were under control by saturday afternoon. no buildings damaged. 4:47. christina joins us. the lincoln high school game was canceled because of lightning. >> yeah, you know, we'll see more of that action today, as a matter of fact. we've had a lot of instability overhead. that's because of two competing areas. we have an area of low pressure to the north situated over nevada. this is a pretty classic well defined low pressure system. what's happening is it's sucking up some of this monsoonal moisture from an area of high pressure that sits over the four corners region. throughout the day we'll see the moisture come in. you see the clouds overhead. take a look at that. a little thunderstorm developed
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north of livermore. that's what we're watching for this morning. so we'll see isolated activity throughout the day today. 60 in san francisco. it feels tropical out there. take a look at temperatures this morning. you're at 63 in san jose. 60 in livermore. 60 in concord. throughout the afternoon, temperatures will climb but not by all that much. in fact, through noon about 75 in livermore. not much warmer. round at the day at 79. even in the east bay cities with all the cloud cover overhead, we're not going to see a lot of sunshine. tomorrow the system drifts to the east a little bit. so we'll see less in terms of thunderstorm activity, but still a 10% shot. continuing through the week onshore flow resumes. things are back to normal. rounds of fog in the morning. mostly sunny afternoons. temperatures in the low 80s inland. >> the raiders in denver getting ready for their season opener.
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part of monday night football double header. the raiders play the broncos at 7:15. the 9ers starts off on a high note. special teams playing a big part in yesterday's win over the seahawks. late in the fourth with the niners leading by two, ted ginn puts the game away. 102 yard kickoff return. he would lair score on a punt return as well. the first time somebody has done that in 49ers history. 49ers win it 33-17. meanwhile, the a's and the giants mathematically not out of the playoff yet, but for all intensive purposes the season is over. the giants finally getting the run support they needed, beating the dodgers 8-1. enough to avoid a weekend sweep. they still lost the series, though. they're 8 1/2 back in the nl
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west. giants host the padres. oakland hosts the angels tonight at 7:05. it's 4:49. coming up. >> we shouldn't just assume that because they're quiet hean and in the living room everything is okay. >> a new study finds what your children watch could hurt the way they think. plus facebook is more important to people than a working toilet according to a new study. we'll look at that. >> obviously i didn't participate in that study, scott. we're looking over to 580. do what you have to before you hit the road. we saw big slowing last week. i'll show you what we have now. before we left.
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it is 4:53. california attorney general harris says she will not loo into whether the state budget signed by governor brown was constitutional. republican lawmakers wanted harris to look at the budget to see if it complies with the constitution's requirement for education funding. harris' office says it can't participate because her office would have to represent the state if someone sued over
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education funding. if harris determined the budget were unconstitutional, she would have to defend the opposite point of view as part of her role representing the state, were someone to sue. the next time you fly you may notice tickets are more pricey. airlines hiked fares for the tenth time this year, targeting last minute ticket buyers. u.s. airways raised prices on same day tickets by $4. rising fuel costs and bad weather like irene has forced them to raise prices. let's look at what's ahead today in the bay. for that we say hi to john kelley. >> a fatal house chute shooting kills two people over the weekend. it's being investigated as a homicide. we'll show you why. the prime suspect in the disappearance of michelle le is expected in court today. we'll have the latest on how that case is progressing and what le's family will be doing this weekend. plus, yes the picking is
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under way this morning. marla will be live in na pa as the grape harvest gets going. the question is, what kind of year will it be for wine makers? we'll have that and more ahead at 5:00. scott, we'll see you then. >> thank you, john. how much do you value your facebook page? many people think it's more important than a working toilet. the london science museum asked 3,000 adults what they could not live without. facebook was fifth on the list. four spots ahead of flushing toilets, which ranked ninth. the things that beat facebook, sunshine, an internet connection, clean drinking water and a bridge. things that lost. tea and coffee, showers and shoes. they ranked 20th. so there you be. all right. let's check in with mike. good morning. >> the only thing to make that worse is if toilets was number two. we're looking over here to the maize where we have no major issues. the construction is very light. in fact, in crust for 880 around
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2rd. the cruise should be cleared in a minute or so. by the time you leave the house it won't be an issue. you see the flashing lights just in the distance heading north away from us. they're moving the cones getting ready for the morning commute. >> your kids' favorite cartoon may be bad for their brains. in certain studies tv shows can actually hinder a child's ability to problem solve. this is a small study involving 64-year-olds. what they found is watching a fast-paced cartoon hurts a child's ability to focus. kids' developing brains don't have enough time to process the fast-paced media. >> the children's brains were
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tire prd the stimulation. >> if you are given more time to absorb a scene, to understand what's going on, you're able to interact with your own questions and your own ideas. >> what's going on? >> sponge bob is marketed to kids over age 6. doctors say there's no evidence the short-term problems they found actually translate to long-term ones. coming up, an update on bryan stow. his family saygs looking up.
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good morning. live in hayward this morning. the woman accused of killing nursing student michelle le appears in court in a few hours. we'll have that story coming up. plus more trouble for the dad accused of leaving his child in a hot car while he went to


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